What if Your Mom Made Raisin Buns?

Raisin BunsWhat If Your Mom Made Raisin Buns? is a very silly story about Stanley, a most imaginative five-year-old who loves raisins almost as much as he loves bugs.

Illustrated by Hilda Rose, who was “originally born as a fat fairy between the pages of an old sketchbook” (her words), the book is colorful and fun and a tad ridiculous.

In addition to watching Stanley’s sticky situation unfold, children enjoy following the adventures of Gert and Harold (ladybugs), and trying to figure out what Stanley’s pet is (some sort of rodent but too big).

Every child I have talked to about this book has loved it. Every parent I have talked to about this book has had to read it too many times. Consider yourself warned.

Raisin Buns was short-listed for the Newfoundland and Labrador Book Awards – Janet McNaughton won that year – not I. It also was a contender for the Saskatchewan Willow Award in 2007, and won the Marianna Dempster Memorial Award in 2006.

To order a copy of the book, go to CreativeBookPublishing.com.